Citizens of Legoland

This is Musical Brick and we love music and Lego bricks. So here we list 10 songs that mention Lego in the lyrics. This list is not exhaustive, as there are many more artists using Lego in their lyrics. We have included artists such as XTC, The Housemartins, Marillion, Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas, and Ed Sheeran.

XTC – Helicopter (1979)

I’m crouching here with a telescope in hand
Looking out across our Legoland
I really think it’s about time that she came down
She a laughing, giggly whirlybird
She got to be obscene to be ob-heard
I really think it’s about time that she came down

The Housemartins – Build (1987)

From Meccano to Legoland,
Here they come with a brick in their hand,
Men with heads filled up with sand,
It’s build.

Marillion – Incommunicado (1988)

I’d be really pleased to meet you if I could remember your name
But I got problems of the memory ever since I got a winner in the fame game
I’m a citizen of Legoland travellin’ incommunicado
And I don’t give a damn for the Fleet Street aficionados

The Beautiful South – Foundations (1996)

Carve your dough from play-dough
‘Cause they’ll roll you into a ball
Make your friends from Lego
‘Cause Lego makes a wall

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Legoland (1992)

I’m one piece short of Lego land
And it’s all there
I’m one piece short of Lego land

Beastie Boys – Putting Shame In Your Game (1998)

It starts with the greed and then goes all wrong
That’s why we can’t all just get along
We’re all connected like a Lego set
One equaling one together like a croquette
Whether we have or have not yet met
Well, it ain’t no thing and it ain’t no sweat

The Maccabees – Lego (2007)

And the boys chew lego
So now we cant build castles or robots
Cause the pieces wont fit together

Hadouken! – That Boy That Girl (2008)

That girls an Indie Cindy,
Lego haircut and polka-dot dress,
I don’t care if she thinks she’s indie,
How she’s different is anyone’s guess.

Black Eyed Peas – XOXOXO (2010)

I be waitin’ on the phone for your text yo
I wanna stay connected like Lego
Your the gas to my car your my Petro
You and me go back, retro

Ed Sheeran – Lego House (2011)

I’m gonna pick up the pieces
And build a Lego house
When things go wrong we can knock it down