1. There is a Tardis Outside Real World Studios

realworldstudios07I don’t think it’s any coincidence that there is a Police Box parked on the main road on the way into Box village, UK (Home of Real World Studios)

 2. He Used to Wear a Time Lord Costume


With the long cape around its shoulders and the bat wings attached to the sides of its head, the alien looked remarkably like a Time Lord in full ceremonial regalia. Of course, the lighting was dim and Time Lord ceremonial costume didn’t include day-glo paint around the wearer’s eyes. “His is a world alone, no world is his own!” the alien sang, his eyes glowing eerily under the black light.

Extract from Duke’s Travels: The Musical Box and Other Stories (Part 1). The above fan fiction was written in response to a challenge on a private Doctor Who mailing list in 2004. The challenge was to have the Doctor meet a band/famous musician, and then have him encounter the band/musician in a different incarnation. Parts 2, 3 and 4 also available.

3. Peter Gabriel is a Doctor

Doktor dyper

Peter Gabriel was awarded an honorary degree by the University of South Australia. The University honoured Peter as the co-founder of WOMAD and champion for world music and culture and in recognition of his commitment to creativity and its transformational power in building peace and understanding.




Other Official Connections With Doctor Who

  • Ben Foster, The Bafta award-winning British composer is best known for his work on the BBC series Torchwood and for the BBC Proms Doctor Who events. He is the conductor for Peter Gabriel’s Scratch my Back world tour and albums.
  • The music video for Shock the Monkey was directed by Brian Grant, who has directed TV episodes of “Doctor Who”.

  • Phil Collins Was Nearly the Master. Back in 1996, when the producers of the Doctor Who TV Movie were casting the various roles, numerous names were considered for the part ofthe Time Lord’s frenemy, The Master. Most incredibly, Phil Collins was in consideration for the part. Sadly, Collins was gigging – so this ruled him out. But what could have been. Source: doctorwho.tv DoctorWho.TV contacted Phil about his near brush with Who fame and told us: “Never heard about that!”