Genesis released 8 studio albums in the 70’s, 4 albums in the 80’s and 2 albums is the 90’s. However to the average listener they will only be remembered for 2 albums in the 80/90’s: “Invisible Touch” and “We Can’t Dance”

This simple fact is the reason that us Genesis fans could potentially get annoyed when someone says something about ‘knowing / liking’ Genesis.


Just for a bit of fun here are 6 ways you could annoy a Genesis fan:

1. Confuse a Phil Collins song for a Genesis Song

“I really like Genesis especially the song “Against all odds”.

2. Only mentioning a Genesis top 10 hit song

“I love Invisible Touch, it’s their best tune”

Check out the ‘Peter Gabriel’ version of the above monologue here.

3. Saying Genesis are Phil Collins’ backing band

Or a Genesis song is mistaken for a Phil Collins song.

“That’s Phil Collins, right?”

4. Not knowing Peter Gabriel was their first lead singer


Plus not knowing who Steve Hackett is either! The inventor of finger tapping!

5. Not knowing who Genesis are

Genesis? The first book of the Bible?

6 Pioneering advancements Genesis and Peter Gabriel made to the music industry

6. Saying one era of Genesis is better than another

“I only like them with Gabriel”

“I can’t stand that Phil Collins”

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Thanks for all the wonderful input from the Genesis 50th anniversary group