Welcome to the fusion of Music and Plastic!

The Musical Brick showcases custom Lego minifigures and Lego models of some of our favourite artists and in particular the weird and wonderful costumes of Peter Gabriel. Most of the pieces used are official Lego elements. However, some elements, such as the Magog mask have been custom made.

This project really took off during the end of 2014 when Real World Studios contacted me in regard to the Bat-Wings minifigure. From this pivotal moment I began to design and prototype the other costumes of this era and create an online platform to show them.

We are very honoured to have the endorsement of Peter Gabriel who is a fan

“As someone who has spent a lot of time making Lego with all my four kids, though not as much as my wife, it was a treat to see some of the characters I portrayed immortalised into Lego figures.” – Peter Gabriel (Uncut, September 2020, p. 71)

It has also been wonderful to get in contact with so many amazing people who also enjoy the music of Peter Gabriel, Genesis and others. I would therefore like to give special thanks to the following people:

Musical Brick Founder

Dan Kerson

To create Lego representations of the music icons I admire has been extremely enjoyable to design and build. In particular, the 70’s progressive rock era costumes really make the minifigures very distinctive and unique; for this I have to thank Peter Gabriel for the inspiration.

Musical Brick (The Beatles) Builder

Alan Green

When LEGO launched The Beatles Yellow Submarine in 2016 I realised just how far the humble brick had come since its introduction seventy years ago. As a fan of The Beatles since ‘Love Me Do’ first clambered up the pop charts, I was sufficiently impressed by my completed Yellow Submarine to explore other ideas and see what else could be created featuring The Fab Four. Discovering companies that specialised in mini-figures and offered individuals like me the unique opportunity to commission bespoke designs presented many possibilities, the only limitation being my own imagination.

I would like to thank Dan Kerson for his interest and for showcasing my projects, my wife Chris for her love and patience and last, but by no means least, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, without whom these projects would not have been possible.

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