We love seeing the creativity and imagination of our customers at Musical Brick! Over the years, we have had the pleasure of seeing many of our sets customized and enhanced by our customers in truly unique and inspiring ways.

One customer, for example, transformed our Stage set into an elaborate concert venue by adding lighting, and even a miniature crowd of Lego minifigures.

We love seeing the innovative ways that our customers customize and enhance our sets, and we are always amazed by the incredible creations that they come up with. It is truly inspiring to see the passion and creativity of our customers, and we are grateful to be a part of their journey.

Kirt Doke (USA) has built these wonderful clay sculptures and behind has displayed their Lego counterparts.

PT Matt (UK) has built this wonderful stage for the Porcupine Brick band.

PT Matt (UK), had this wonderful Porcupine Tree tapestry created by HevHovsStitches.

Michaela Ix (Germany) has built this wonderful stage for the Steve Brickett Live Band 2019.

Tracy (Australia), has created this wonderful Queen tapestry and framed it with some minifigures.

Hans Jörg (Germany), the drummer of King of Agogik, has modified and expanded the Genesis live 1976 stage to create a stunning 1977 live diorama. See more here.

Michael Pellerin (USA) has customised the Live 1973 stage set to include lights! Wow! See the construction here.


Brett Pangburn (USA) used the Shock the Monkey minifigures to create this amazing shadow box frame.

Peter Marcoux (Canada) used a fantastic graphic created by Taylor Rae Hillestad to incase the minifigures within a shadow box frame.

Andrew Stanton (USA) had this miniature monitor stand built by Angus MacLane to place the minifigures on.

Mickey Wedo (USA) Has populated the empty concert venue with an ecstatic crowd!

Christophe (Switzerland) has created a live stage for the Marillion minifigures.