Lego Android Synthesizer

Head and upper torso: Fairlight CMI IIx Lower torso: Roland CR-78 Left arm: Minimoog Right arm: Yamaha DX7 Left leg: ARP Quardra Right leg: Prophet-5 Changing limbs Roland Juno-6 Roland Jupiter-8 Fairlight CMI IIx Synclavier II

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Porcupine Tree Announce New Album and Tour

From the official Porcupine Tree website: Harridan and a few of the other new songs have been in play since shortly after the release of The Incident. They initially lived on a hard drive in a slowly growing computer file marked PT2012, later renamed PT2015, PT2018, and so on. There were times when we even forgot they were there, and times when they nagged us to finish them to see where they would take us. Listening to the finished pieces,…

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The Beatles at ‘The Cavern’ in LEGO

‘The Cavern’ is set around the time of The Beatles signing their management contract with Brian Epstein and was inspired by several early photographs of the group, playing in the Liverpool club and posing in their leather jackets. I tried to make my build as accurate as possible, but the length of the Lego arches dictated the size of the stage and left no room for performing. However, finding some detailed pictures of George’s leather jacket enabled Minifigs.me to design…

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LEGO Fender Stratocaster Official Announcement!

The original LEGO Ideas submission was by a fan designer called Tomáš Letenay and was made for LEGO Ideas competition and was not to be made to be sold. However the LEGO Ideas team loved the submission so much that they decided to commission it. The guitar has six strings, tuning pegs and a tremolo arm as well as a folding display stand with accompanying foot pedal and amp. You can choose the colour of your guitar to be black…

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LEGO Prince and the Revolution

Now the music legend, Prince, has been immortalised in LEGO. The talented Paul Hetherington has created this amazing stage set of Prince and the Revolution. The band members include: Wendy and Lisa, Doctor Fink, BobbyZ, and Brownmark. And of course the set includes Prince’s signature purple piano, firepole, and bathtub. The custom-made figures are by Citizen Brick and features Crazy Arms made by Crazy Bricks. Check out more of Paul’s work here

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Lego Trifecta – The Enigma of Mr. Fripp Music Video

Planks and Trouser Trumpets Nick Beggs has created a hilarious Lego video for Trifecta’s ‘The Enigma Of Mr. Fripp’   “It’s amazing what you can do with an i-phone and a computer. And that’s about it. After I was contacted by Daniel Kerson at Musical Brick a light bulb went on in my head. Daniel kindly created the lego characters and sent them to me from Singapore where he lives. I then set about making a stop frame animation. It…

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Wooden Lego Minifigure Band

We’ve only just purchased the LEGO® Originals Wooden Minifigure. This 5:1 upscaled version of the classic minifigure, is carved out of oak and has adjustable plastic hands. It is presented in a premium gift box with a leaflet featuring inspirational ideas for owners to customize the model in their own ways. It measures over 7” (20cm) tall, 4” (11cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep. Although, before it was released in 2019, my father had built a few of his own.…

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