Who Has Sampled Genesis?

  Tracks that have sampled Genesis songs Here is a small list of tracks from various genres (Hip-hop, dance, trance, techno) that have sampled Genesis songs. There seems to be quite a lot of Hip-Hop artists sampling Genesis. However, this should not come as a surprise as the world of hip-hop has been taken with Phil Collins for years. I enjoy the idea of artists sampling Genesis songs into other genres. To me it’s progressive. It’s similar to the original…

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Framed Picture of Genesis Live in Lego

Hang this on your wall Set Includes: Peter Gabriel (Magog Costume and Bass Drum) Phil Collins (Drums, drumsticks and microphone) Tony Banks (Keyboards) Mike Rutherford (Double neck Guitar) Steve Hackett (Guitar) Uses an Ikea RIBBA 23×23 Frame (Total dimensions 255mm x 255mm) Available Here

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Genesis of the Costumes: The fox in a Red Dress

Peter Gabriel’s First Costume Ever On Stage Genesis playing The Musical Box at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, 28 September 1972 Peter comes on after the second instrumental solo with a Fox Head and a Red Dress, surprising the band along with the fans. Peter Gabriel: “My wife Jill had this red dress in her cupboard, which, believe it or not, I could get into. I decided to use it at a show in Dublin, at the National Stadium—an old boxing…

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Genesis – New York Rooftops 1973

Lego Versions of the Iconic Armando Gallo Pictures from April 1973   Gabriel Foux, the man behind the fantastic Genesis App (based on Armando Gallo’s “I Know What I Like” book), thought it would be a fun idea for me to recreate the rooftop photos in Lego. The original pictures were taken by the great Armando Gallo on Genesis’ return trip to America in April 1973. Check out the app for the reasons why this second visit was a disillusioning experience…

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Alien Themed Genesis Songs

  Watcher of the Skies (Live Shepperton Studios 1973) Based in some way on Arthur C.Clarke’s “Childhood’s End”. The book follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords (Gabriel’s character), whose arrival ends all war, helps form a world government, and turns the planet into a near-utopia. However mankind eventually evolves leaving Earth and their bodies behind to join a cosmic consciousness called the Overmind. Keep It Dark (1981) Tony Banks explains in the 2007 DVD re-release…

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Genesis Live 1973 Recreated in Lego

Iconic Peter Gabriel era Genesis recreated in Lego Mini-figures and instruments An Executive Desk Toy     Set Includes: Phil Collins (Drums, drumsticks and microphone) Tony Banks (Keyboards) Mike Rutherford (Double neck Guitar) Steve Hackett (Guitar) Acoustic Guitar Bass Drum and microphone Email us if you would be interested in purchasing this set.

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