Thotch are of course a made-up parody band created for the BBC comedy series ‘Brian Pern: A Life in Rock’. This show was a complete send up of Peter Gabriel and Genesis, but it was hilarious. The series was written by Rhys Thomas and Simon Day, and directed and produced by Rhys Thomas. The show had many famous actors including: See list here Peter Gabriel, said this of the series: “It made me laugh a lot, even though it was…

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Lamb Keyboard Rig

Tony Banks was known for his innovative and expressive keyboard playing, and his keyboard setup during the 1975 tour with Genesis reflected this. He used a variety of electronic instruments to create a wide range of sounds and textures, including a Mellotron M400, a Hammond T-102 organ with a Leslie speaker, and an RMI 368x Electra Piano and Harpsichord. The Mellotron M400 was an early type of sampler that played back recorded sounds on strips of magnetic tape. It was…

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Duke Keyboard Rig

Tony Banks, the keyboardist for the iconic rock band Genesis, had a diverse and impressive setup for the group’s 1980 tour. At the center of his rig was the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, a classic polyphonic synthesizer known for its rich, expressive sound and its ability to create a wide range of classic synth tones. In addition to the Prophet-5, Tony also made use of the ARP Quadra synthesizer. The Quadra was a versatile instrument that allowed Tony to create a…

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Explore our collection of 3D Lego models that capture the beauty and complexity of real-life instruments in a fun, brick-built form. Synth Robot Lamb Keyboard Rig Duke Keyboard Rig Invisible Touch Keyboard Rig Rick Wakeman 1973 Keyboard Rig Instruments Shergold Flightcase BrickWerk Lamb Stage Brush Stage

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People can actually create pictures in their mind’s eye!

  Wait! What? “I simply assumed everyone saw the same black nothingness when they closed their eyes, and that the majority of language associated with mental imagery (picturing your happy place or counting sheep) was metaphorical rather than literal.” I hope this post is read by someone who can’t draw a mental picture and that they can have the same epiphany as I did. This realisation happened a couple of years ago, and I have since seen so many articles…

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