Music XR

Existing Music VR Surge Surge presents one of the most interesting abstract music videos on the Rift. It is a real-time completely unique VR music video. You start on an infinite plan and tiny blocks start to appear. These tiny blocks pulsate to the beat of the dark and electronic music. Vinyl Reality Vinyl Reality is a fun DJ software developed by EntroPi Games in collaboration with professional DJ’s. Load up your personal music collection and mix your favourite tracks…

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What is the metaverse? Now, it is many different virtual worlds in which you can play, collaborate, and share ideas. Each metaverse has been developed by several companies and include: Microsoft, Meta, Roblox, Spatial, Second Life, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Horizon Worlds, VRChat and Rec Room. The metaverse is not restricted to only using the Internet in VR. A lot of it is accessible through a regular computer or a smartphone. However, soon some of it will be a hologram in…

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eXtended Reality

XR is an umbrella term for the following: VR (Virtual Reality) – The use of Head-Mounted displays to immerse users into a virtual environment. AR (Augmented Reality) – Phone or tablet based are more widespread, although headsets do exist. They overlay content onto the physical world (like Snapchat,) but are not strict on changes in the physical world. MR (Mixed Reality) – Headset-based that integrate the graphics of the virtual world into the physical world. This XR takes into account…

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Let’s begin our playful adventure into a Music Metaverse! Welcome to the world of Musical Blox, an XR company that is changing the way we experience music and the arts. Our platform allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual world filled with endless possibilities, where they can create, collaborate, and express themselves through music, art, and storytelling. With an ever-expanding library of virtual instruments, tools, and resources, Musical Blox offers a truly unique and interactive experience for artists and…

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