Synth Robot

The head and top body of the robot were made using a Fairlight CMI, a digital synthesizer and sampler from the early 1980s. This provided advanced sound processing capabilities and allowed the robot to generate its own voice and sound effects. The bottom of the body was made with a Roland CR-78, a classic drum machine from 1978, which gave the robot a steady beat and rhythm for its movements. The left arm was made with a Prophet-5, a polyphonic…

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Duke Keyboard Rig

Tony Banks, the keyboardist for the iconic rock band Genesis, had a diverse and impressive setup for the group’s 1980 tour. At the center of his rig was the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, a classic polyphonic synthesizer known for its rich, expressive sound and its ability to create a wide range of classic synth tones. In addition to the Prophet-5, Tony also made use of the ARP Quadra synthesizer. The Quadra was a versatile instrument that allowed Tony to create a…

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