5 Definitive Live Versions of The Waiting Room by Genesis

Definitive Live Versions of Genesis’s Avant Garde Piece The Waiting Room He panics, feels around for a stone and hurls it at the brightest point. The sound of breaking glass echoes around the cave. As his vision is restored he catches sight of two golden gloves about one foot in diameter hovering away down the tunnel. When they disappear a resounding crack sears across the roof, and it collapses all around him. Our hero is trapped once again. “This is…

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Genesis – The Cinema Show Fast Instrumental outtake (Featuring Modal Nodes)

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes Mashup with Genesis From the Selling England sessions. This particular outtake was taken from “In The Beginning Vol.4”. The bootleg series contained many interesting demos and outtalks. Star Wars Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes were an all-Bith music band, specialising in the fields of Jizz and Jatz. See more.

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10 Reasons Why Supper’s Ready is the Greatest Song Ever!

  1. It’s 23 minutes long It fits on one side of an LP record and runs for 22.54 minutes. This is story telling at it’s best, with enough space to include a love song and an adventure into strange new worlds. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a seven course meal, rather than a quick burger. The atmosphere of the song is electric. The best 23 minutes you’ll ever spend. Supper’s Ready Illustrated by Nathaniel Barlam 2. It’s a…

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Why Genesis Called it ABACAB not ACCAABBAAC

Why is it called ABACAB? Phil Collins revealed in a 2007 interview that they simply called the verse A, chorus B, and bridge C. So the song was originally structured as A-B-A-C-A-B. “Abacab”. However the song evolved into something very different from the original, simpler structure. “The way we did it in the end was unpronounceable, but the name stuck,” Collins explained.  “ABACAB” was just a way for them to remember how it was formed when they started working on it. When it…

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Doctor Who and Genesis: Watcher Who

  The Doctor meets Genesis? The costumes and musical content of Genesis scream out for a Doctor Who mashup. Here is one such mashup: Picture credit Tone Cartoons Duke’s Travels: The Musical Box and Other Stories “Time Lords!” he suddenly exclaimed, sitting bolt upright in his seat. A long-haired girl sitting next to him gave him a look, and then went back to talking to her companion, a young man with equally lengthy tresses. The Doctor glanced around. “There’s another…

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Genesis of the Costumes: The fox in a Red Dress

Peter Gabriel’s First Costume Ever On Stage Genesis playing The Musical Box at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, 28 September 1972 Peter comes on after the second instrumental solo with a Fox Head and a Red Dress, surprising the band along with the fans. Peter Gabriel: “My wife Jill had this red dress in her cupboard, which, believe it or not, I could get into. I decided to use it at a show in Dublin, at the National Stadium—an old boxing…

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