Synthesizers used on Transformers The Movie (1986)

With the release of the official LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime I thought I would find out what synthesizers were used on the original movie from 1986.   Music composed and performed by Vince DiCola. Synthesizer programming by Casey Young The synths/gear used in the making of this soundtrack include the following! Moog Modular system 55 Moog Minimoog E-MU Modular (huge system comprising of 5 cabinets, the largest E-mu system I’ve ever seen!) E-MU Blue Box 16 voice polyphonic synthesizer E-MU…

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Pete Townshend ‘Who’s Better, Who’s Best’ in LEGO

‘Who’s Better, Who’s Best’ is my tribute to Pete Townshend, guitarist with The Who and driving force behind the rock operas Tommy and Quadrophenia. This mini-set is the first to feature two identical versions of the same character and as such is something just a little different. The ideas behind my two Pete scene may be new, but the build itself was straightforward enough and looking through The Who archives I soon found pictures of Pete’s fancy jacket, Pete smashing…

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Lego Android Synthesizer

Head and upper torso: Fairlight CMI IIx Lower torso: Roland CR-78 Left arm: Minimoog Right arm: Yamaha DX7 Left leg: ARP Quardra Right leg: Prophet-5 Changing limbs Roland Juno-6 Roland Jupiter-8 Fairlight CMI IIx Synclavier II

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The Beatles at ‘The Cavern’ in LEGO

‘The Cavern’ is set around the time of The Beatles signing their management contract with Brian Epstein and was inspired by several early photographs of the group, playing in the Liverpool club and posing in their leather jackets. I tried to make my build as accurate as possible, but the length of the Lego arches dictated the size of the stage and left no room for performing. However, finding some detailed pictures of George’s leather jacket enabled Minifigs.me to design…

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LEGO Prince and the Revolution

Now the music legend, Prince, has been immortalised in LEGO. The talented Paul Hetherington has created this amazing stage set of Prince and the Revolution. The band members include: Wendy and Lisa, Doctor Fink, BobbyZ, and Brownmark. And of course the set includes Prince’s signature purple piano, firepole, and bathtub. The custom-made figures are by Citizen Brick and features Crazy Arms made by Crazy Bricks. Check out more of Paul’s work here

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