Sascha Krieger‎ recorded a version of Domino and Throwing it all Away in a 70s style. Trying to recreate the way the song might have sounded if it had been written a decade earlier.

It was written 4 years ago, and I remember sharing it at that time. I was trying to find it again today and thought it should be archived for easy retrieval. Enjoy!

Domino – Genesis 70s Style

I hear A Trick of the Tail area mixed with a bit of Supper’s Ready. I love it. This is very creative.

Throwing it all away – Genesis 70s Style

This is quite beautiful especially the solo guitar bit.

Please check out Sascha Krieger‎’s Bandcamp page.

Steve Hackett : Horizons live in Glasgow 2014 (includes tiny bit of Invisible Touch) For fun.