Doke recently created 11 amazing sculptures of Peter Gabriel in Genesis era costumes. Doke is an award-winning artist and has exhibited his paintings, sculptures and drawings for over 40 years.

The sculptures were created in clay and painted with acrylic paint. The figures are solid giving them a good deal of weight.

Doke’s interest in the subject can be traced to his childhood hobby of building Glow in the Dark Aurora model kits. His style is loosely based in the traditions of late 19th-Century and Early-Modern figurative sculptors.

The sculptures that are painted in lighter values have additional coats of phosphorus paint. The figures of Victory, Britannia and the Slipperman have pronounced glowing effects when viewed in the dark.

Kirt Doke is currently an adjunct art professor at Saginaw Tribal Chippewa College in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. He teaches sculpture, painting and Native-American art history. Doke has taught art for 33 years and is semi-retired.

Doke has attended 45 Genesis and solo artist related concerts. An avid student of percussion, Doke was initially drawn to Genesis through the drumming talents of Phil Collins. The 1976 tour with Bill Bruford and Collins, he cites as his favourite concert. Doke has enjoyed trading live concerts with fellow Genesis fans from around the world for many years. Doke is looking forward to viewing the reforming of Genesis and also Steve Hackett’s next tour.

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