The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

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Live Stage

This groundbreaking experiment in total theatre had slide projections, laser projections, costumes and kinetic stage lighting. Merged together this performance translated Peter Gabriel’s complicated musical narrative into a visceral, memorable multimedia experience for all that saw it back in 1974/75.

It is incredible to think that this pioneering show that featured a multimedia slide show, costumes and pyrotechnics was never filmed in its entirety.


After recreated the live stage from 1973, it was time to build the live stage from ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ tour.


Recreated in Lego


  • keyboards; Mellotron M400, ARP Pro Soloist. Hammond T-102. and RMI 368x Electra Piano. Mixer. Acoustic guitar.
  • Drum set. Xylophone. Hanging microphone.
  • Rickenbacker double neck guitar. Pedals
  • Guitar. Pedals. Echoplex. Synthi Hi Fli


I would like to give special thanks to Robert Ellis and his amazing book ‘Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway – The Ultimate Record’ (Available here) The rich and vibrant pictures within this book helped enormously with this Lego project.

Lego Lamb Stage Construction