Take an interactive trip through music technology history. Google has launched Music, Makers and Machines, an interactive electronic music exhibition that celebrates the genre’s rich and varied history.

The exhibition can be found on the company’s Google Arts & Culture platform. It covers electronic music’s inventors, artists, sounds and technology.


The absolute highlight of the platform is the AR synth which allows you to make music with five classic pieces of music technology hardware in 3D or augmented reality. All of these devices can be dragged into a virtual space and come with their own step sequencers. The devices are:

  • Moog Memorymoog

  • ARP Odyssey

  • Fairlight CMI

  • Akai S900

  • Roland CR-78

There are a host of other 3D images, 360-degree tours and countless photos, tracks and videos.

Check it out here or through the Google Arts & Culture app.