In the Beginning

In 2014 I designed and created the classic bat-wings costume and but it on my personal blog and Instagram page. Later on in the year, Real World Records expressed interest in the flower-mask and bat-wings via email. Peter Gabriel wanted them for his personal archive.

I was so totally blown away by this amazing recognition from the man himself, that I continued to design and build a further 12 costumes. Knowing that Peter Gabriel loved the mashup, I arranged to pass a framed collection of the minifigures to Real World Studios in June 2016. Unfortunately I never met Peter, however I was lucky enough that his PA was able to give us a tour of the studios.

Peter Gabriel’s Website

Finally, out of the blue Peter and the Real World team proposed the idea of putting the minifigures on their store. We are very excited and grateful for this endorsement:

Check out this picture from Peter’s Instagram page.

Official Lego also commented:

“Don’t forget to take them to ‘Solsbury Hill’ before ‘Supper’s ready!’ ?”


The minifigures were also released on Peter Gabriel’s website on my Son’s 1st Birthday (a cosmic coincidence?)