1971 – Nursery Cryme

The Musical Box

1973 – Live Stage

Building Toy. Ages 6-66. Recreate classic Genesis Live 1973.

genesis lego live

Foxtrot Stage Design

Genesis live 1973

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1973 – I Know What I Like


1973 – The Battle of Epping Forest

The Battle of Epping Forest

1975 – The Lego Lamia

Rael stands astonished doubting his sight,
Struck by beauty, gripped in fright;
Three vermilion snakes of female face,
The smallest motion, filled with grace.
Muted melodies fill the echoing hall,
But there is no sign of warning in the siren’s call:
“Rael welcome, we are the Lamia of the pool.
We have been waiting for our waters to bring you cool.”

Genesis The Lamia Lego

Lego DoktorLego Lamia Toy