On 15 September 1978, Peter Gabriel was recorded live at Grugahalle, Essen in Germany for the now legendary Rockpalast TV programme. The band is kitted out with reflecting construction worker vests, builder’s gloves and shaven heads.

The Band

Peter Gabriel – vocals and piano
Tony Levin – bass, vocals
Jerry Marotta – drums, vocals
Sid McGuiness – guitar, vocals
Larry Fast – synthesiser
Timmy Capello – keyboard, saxophone

For Rockpalast:

Technical Director – Ernst Höller
Vision Engineers – Hans Breuer, Franz Panno
Sound Engineers – Ego Bröse, Wolfgang Hassen
Light & Sound – Tasco London, Terry Price, Ian Peacock, John Godenzie
Carpenter – Thilo Schernau
Camera – Karlheinz Werner, Manfred Albishausen, Manfred Bödefeld, Matthias Dames, Rudi Gerlach, Peter Notemann, Detlev Sackenheim, Dietbert Schmidt
Vision Mixer – Brigitte Mann
Premaster Dub – Angelika Ludwig
Floor Manager – Wolfgang Böttcher, Barbara Lücke, Anne Hantusch
Production Manager – Wilhelm Lang
Director – Christian Wagner
Executive Producer – Peter Rachel