Land of the Carpet Crawlers


Land of Confusion

Mike Rutherford called this “a kind of ’80s protest song,” adding: “It’s about how we live in a very nice world, and what a mess we’re making of it. How it should all be so easy and it’s all so difficult.”

If only there could be a Superman to fix everything.

Mild mannered supermen are held in kryptonite

The Carpet Crawlers

Not such an obvious lyric. It possibly could mean:

  • The gender role and the relationship between genders. Superman is an idealized “person”, an imagination of being a man at all. It contains the double character of manhood: the strong, wild “version” fits to rule the world and the soft one (Clark Kent), the civilized (mild mannered), also fits to gain a woman.
  • A metaphor for Heaven and Hell, Superman (good) with Kryptonite (bad)?
  • The true infinite nature of being is to be mild mannered supermen. However we are all disempowered through socialization (held in kryptonite).