A Trick of the Tail

Here Beginneth the Second Chapter of Genesis

A Trick of the Tail The first single from the ‘A Trick of the Tail’ album was the song ‘A Trick of the Tail’. It was released on 20 February 1976 and was written by the band’s keyboard player Tony Banks. This would be the first Genesis single to be accompanied by a promotional video.   Phil Collins has stated that the video “is the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy of my entire career”

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Collins sounded more like Gabriel than Gabriel did!

40th Anniversary of A Trick of the Tail Photo credit: thegenesisarchive.co.uk/1975/ Released on 2 February 1976, A Trick Of The Tail, was the first post-Gabriel album and was produced by David Hentschel. It had cleaner production than previous releases and was the best selling Genesis album to date. It is clear from the start, with “Dance On A Volcano”, that this was a new Genesis. It is powerful and lively in a way that was not heard before on previous albums. The…

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A Brick of the Phil

I think you can guess where this post is leading to… They shot a quick video for the title track “A Trick of the Tail back in 1976. “I watch this video and I cringe,” says Rutherford. “It’s just embarrassing.” The mini Fisherman! They’ve got no horns and they’ve got no tail They don’t even know of our existence. Am I wrong to believe in a city of gold That lies in the deep distance, he cried

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