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Why was the Genesis Album Foxtrot called “Foxtrot”?

Why did Genesis name the album Foxtrot “Foxtrot”? Multiple choice: A. the album concept artwork had a fox in a red dress on the cover. B. Peter Gabriel liked to wear a fox’s head and red dress during live shows before the release of “Foxtrot”. C. the “Foxtrot” album takes its name from a rhythm setting on the Mellotron Mark 2 keyboard played by Tony Banks. Source of answer found from this interesting article

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Why Genesis Called it ABACAB not ACCAABBAAC

Why is it called ABACAB? Phil Collins revealed in a 2007 interview that they simply called the verse A, chorus B, and bridge C. So the song was originally structured as A-B-A-C-A-B. “Abacab”. However the song evolved into something very different from the original, simpler structure. “The way we did it in the end was unpronounceable, but the name stuck,” Collins explained.  “ABACAB” was just a way for them to remember how it was formed when they started working on it. When it…

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