Who was Britannia?

  Who is Britannia? Genesis fans know. Genesis fans also knew about the dangers of the Giant Hogweed before it swept through the U.K. this year. Genesis provides great education. ‘Dancing with the Moonlit Knight’ by Genesis is about the effects the British economy had on every day lives of Englishmen at the time in 1974. Large companies were destroying Britain’s heritage and the first oil crisis happened right around that time. Peter Gabriel dressing up as Britannia seemed a very apt visual metaphor…

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3 Awesome Female Characters from Genesis Lyrics

Staring: Cynthia, Britannia and Lamia Foxy Brit-prog Serpent Spice Girls. More than your average pop love song… Cynthia Croquet is a particularly vicious British sport. And one young participant by name Cynthia, was getting so annoyed with her partner, that she dug a whole in the lawn, stuck him in the centre of it, buried him up, and lifted up a croquet mallet and decapitated his head. Britannia Her name: Britannia, her task: to guard the waves between England and…

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