Top 9 Peter Gabriel Costumes (1972 – 1975)

  Incredible to think that all these costume ideas came from just a 3 year period. Although these costumes were helping Gabriel to re-tell the stories within the lyrics they also gave him more confidence on stage. Plus they put the band on the front cover of the music newspapers of the day. Based on a survey these are the top 9 Peter Gabriel era Genesis costumes: Number 9. The Reverend A character from the lyrically amazing song “The Battle of…

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4 Rarely Seen Peter Gabriel Costumes

There were some very interesting masks and costumes during the Gabriel era Genesis. Going through some pictures there does appear to a few costumes that were rarely used or seen during that period. 1. Supper’s Ready The Black Show This head piece  was used during the beginning of Supper’s Ready (Ikhnaton And Itsacon And Their Band Of Merry Men) on the Black show (Selling England By the Pound Tour) 1974. Here are the amazing Musical Box performing a recreation of the…

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Genesis of the Costumes: The fox in a Red Dress

Peter Gabriel’s First Costume Ever On Stage Genesis playing The Musical Box at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, 28 September 1972 Peter comes on after the second instrumental solo with a Fox Head and a Red Dress, surprising the band along with the fans. Peter Gabriel: “My wife Jill had this red dress in her cupboard, which, believe it or not, I could get into. I decided to use it at a show in Dublin, at the National Stadium—an old boxing…

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