Doctor Who

3 Reasons Peter Gabriel is a Time Lord

1. There is a Tardis Outside Real World Studios I don’t think it’s any coincidence that there is a Police Box parked on the main road on the way into Box village, UK (Home of Real World Studios)  2. He Used to Wear a Time Lord Costume With the long cape around its shoulders and the bat wings attached to the sides of its head, the alien looked remarkably like a Time Lord in full ceremonial regalia. Of course, the…

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Phil Collins Was Nearly The Master in Doctor Who

Back in 1996, when the producers of the Doctor Who TV Movie were casting the various roles, numerous names were considered for the part of the Time Lord’s frenemy, The Master. Most incredibly, Phil Collins was in consideration for the part. Sadly, Collins was gigging – so this ruled him out. But what could have been. Source: doctorwho.tv DoctorWho.TV contacted Phil about his near brush with Who fame and told us: “Never heard about that!” The Doctor meets Genesis? The…

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A Genesis Reunion

  Genesis Genesis may refer to: Book of Genesis, the first book of the biblical scriptures of both Judaism and Christianity – describing the creation of the Earth and of mankind Artists Genesis (band), English rock band Television Genesis of the Daleks, Doctor Who Episode Other Uses Sega Genesis, a 16-bit video game console also known as the Mega Drive. Popular for Sonic the Hedgehog. See also Terminator Genisys, a 2015 science fiction action film and fifth entry in the…

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10 Cool things about ‘Shock the Monkey’

1. This song is not literally about shocking someone or a monkey. Peter Gabriel has never elaborated much on the meaning of “Shock The Monkey,” other than to say in a 1993 interview, “This song is about jealousy and a sort of animal nature.” However, another Gabriel song, “We Do What We’re Told,” was inspired by the infamous 1961 Milgram experiments in which subjects believed they were administering shocks to other test subjects and continued to administer higher and higher…

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6 Awesome Doctor Who Remixes

6 very different versions of the Doctor Who theme tune.   1. Eric Calderone’s Awesome Metal Version 2. Time System / jackspic3’s Drum & Bass Version 3. LDUKMusic’s Dubstep Version 4. Orbital’s Version 5. 70mphTV’s Missy’s Rave Version 6. Bill Bailey’s Dr Qui

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Doctor Who and Genesis: Watcher Who

  The Doctor meets Genesis? The costumes and musical content of Genesis scream out for a Doctor Who mashup. Here is one such mashup: Picture credit Tone Cartoons Duke’s Travels: The Musical Box and Other Stories “Time Lords!” he suddenly exclaimed, sitting bolt upright in his seat. A long-haired girl sitting next to him gave him a look, and then went back to talking to her companion, a young man with equally lengthy tresses. The Doctor glanced around. “There’s another…

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