Move over Easter Bunny, here comes the Easter Fox

Transformation and Transmutation Within the annotated lyrics of the epic “Supper’s Ready”, it mentions Peter Gabriel’s explorations into the transformation and transmutation of things, which The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway would be his pinnacle statement with Genesis. Along with someone turning into a flower, we also have a fox on the rocks, with a rather obscure german spelling to have it match the spelling of rocks – another transformation. I believe the spelling ‘Focks’ is a surname. The German spelling lead me…

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Why was the Genesis Album Foxtrot called “Foxtrot”?

Why did Genesis name the album Foxtrot “Foxtrot”? Multiple choice: A. the album concept artwork had a fox in a red dress on the cover. B. Peter Gabriel liked to wear a fox’s head and red dress during live shows before the release of “Foxtrot”. C. the “Foxtrot” album takes its name from a rhythm setting on the Mellotron Mark 2 keyboard played by Tony Banks. Source of answer found from this interesting article

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