Do You Want to hear Steve Rothery play Grendel?

From the JustGiving website: Yes: Please Play Grendel After the fantastic performance by the Steve Rothery Band at Trinity III on 12th May, SRB continued with their short tour moving on up to Manchester and Glasgow. During the course of the gig at Band On The Wall in Manchester, some good-natured heckling of the ‘Grendel’ variety occurred… Steve teased the crowd with the first few notes and then stopped, which prompted severe crowd upset! He followed this up by saying…

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Marillion’s Grendel Was Inspired by Genesis’ Supper’s Ready

Grendel’s Ready We’re big fans of both groups (Marillion and Genesis) and of all eras, so we would just like to share this for educational purposes only. Although it’s really old news to be honest. Comments are still welcome though. So what’s the big deal? A fragment from a 17 minute song (Grendel 1983) has a rhythmic similarity to one fragment in another 23 minute song (Supper’s Ready 1972). However the songs are totally different in all other parts. There’s…

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The Magical The Beautiful The Marillion

Marillion mean different things to different people. So I’m going to share one little happy anecdote about how this incredible band is a sound track to my life. I always skipped the song “Map of the World” on the CD when it was first released; to pop, to happy… However two years later as I was setting off on my backpacking adventure, this song was on my minidisc collection.”Map of the World” captures the story of my life at that…

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