The Dark Side of the Mellotron

Black is the New Lego Mellotron Here we have a selection of dark sounding Mellotron tunes: Steven Wilson – The Watchmaker King Crimson – The Court of the Crimson King (Live) Genesis Watcher of the Skies Live Shepperton Studios  1973 Opeth – Mellotron Heart Shadow of the Hierophant – Steve Hackett Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

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The classic Mellotron M400 made from Lego. The iconic and ingenious proto-sampler musical instrument that gave the Progressive Rock genre it’s distinctive sound. Mellotron is a trademark owned by Markus Resch. Please visit www.mellotron.com for more information. Check out the amazing digital Mellotrons!

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5 Cool things about Genesis Foxtrot

Here are 5 cool things about the Foxtrot album by Genesis 1. Supper’s Ready (10 Reasons why this is the best song ever) 2. Watcher of the Skies 3. The “excited” 4th horse on the album artwork (More about the artwork here) 4. The start of the costumes begin after the release of Foxtrot. During the middle of “Musical Box”, Peter surprised a London crowd by coming out wearing a red dress and a fox head. 5. The “Foxtrot” album takes its…

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The scratching of a mellotron It always seemed to make her cry

  “Mellotron Scratch” by Porcupine Tree A tiny flame inside my hand A compromise I never planned Unravel out the finer strands And I’m looking at a blank page now Should I fill it up with words somehow? I whispered something in her ear I bare my soul but she don’t hear The scratching of a mellotron It always seemed to make her cry Well maybe she remembers us Collecting space up in the sky Nothing rises from my feet…

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LEGO Mellotron: A Brick Made in Heaven

Who Else Wants to Own a LEGO Mellotron? The classic Mellotron M400 made from Lego. The iconic and ingenious proto-sampler musical instrument that gave the Progressive Rock genre it’s distinctive sound. I’ve taken inspiration from both Andy Grobengieser and Iain Heath in coming up with this Lego Mellotron M400. The Mellotron The Mellotron was invented in 1963 and was effectively built as a home entertainment system. It was a keyboard that played back sounds stored on magnetic tape. When a key was pressed it…

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Why was the Genesis Album Foxtrot called “Foxtrot”?

Why did Genesis name the album Foxtrot “Foxtrot”? Multiple choice: A. the album concept artwork had a fox in a red dress on the cover. B. Peter Gabriel liked to wear a fox’s head and red dress during live shows before the release of “Foxtrot”. C. the “Foxtrot” album takes its name from a rhythm setting on the Mellotron Mark 2 keyboard played by Tony Banks. Source of answer found from this interesting article

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