Phil Collins

Phil Collins Was Nearly The Master in Doctor Who

Back in 1996, when the producers of the Doctor Who TV Movie were casting the various roles, numerous names were considered for the part of the Time Lord’s frenemy, The Master. Most incredibly, Phil Collins was in consideration for the part. Sadly, Collins was gigging – so this ruled him out. But what could have been. Source: doctorwho.tv DoctorWho.TV contacted Phil about his near brush with Who fame and told us: “Never heard about that!” The Doctor meets Genesis? The…

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Peter Gabriel Reading Festival 1979

Awesomeness Checklist:   Peter Gabriel, dressed in a Bruce Lee tracksuit from ‘Game of Death’ didn’t top the bill on Sunday; instead, he came on in the late afternoon to the strains of “Biko”, which was unreleased at the time. Phil Collins was on drums; they duetted on “Mother Of Violence” and “Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins wore black leather jackets for the Lamb song.

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12 Lego Rock and Pop Minifigures

  Lego have teamed up with movies and TV shows, plus have their own line of themed sets, but what about music? There are a number of general pop, rock music themed sets and minifigures. However there are not many actual rock and pop icons that have been immortalised in Lego (officially that is). Here we list 6 official and 6 non-official Lego rock and pop Minifigure icons: 1 to 4. The Beatles: John, Paul, George and Ringo Top of the…

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Roland, the Bisexual Drum Machine.

Bisexual because he doesn’t mind who he plays with! Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm. The classic analogue beatbox Roland are well known by hip-hop and dance musicians for their 808 kick drum and 909 snare sounds. However these machines and sounds have been around since 1980. Quick History Lesson Interestingly, before these machines there was a Roland box of tricks with some very different sonic sounds. The Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm is an analog Rhythm Machine, not a drum machine, and was the first to use…

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Here Beginneth the Second Chapter of Genesis

A Trick of the Tail The first single from the ‘A Trick of the Tail’ album was the song ‘A Trick of the Tail’. It was released on 20 February 1976 and was written by the band’s keyboard player Tony Banks. This would be the first Genesis single to be accompanied by a promotional video.   Phil Collins has stated that the video “is the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy of my entire career”

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Collins sounded more like Gabriel than Gabriel did!

40th Anniversary of A Trick of the Tail Photo credit: thegenesisarchive.co.uk/1975/ Released on 2 February 1976, A Trick Of The Tail, was the first post-Gabriel album and was produced by David Hentschel. It had cleaner production than previous releases and was the best selling Genesis album to date. It is clear from the start, with “Dance On A Volcano”, that this was a new Genesis. It is powerful and lively in a way that was not heard before on previous albums. The…

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4 Lame Reasons People Hate Phil Collins

Just to summarise the reasons people still seem to hate Phil Collins; here we consolidate the comments on the recent petition.   Here are four lame reasons people seem to hate Phil Collins: 1. He is successful. 2. He ruined Genesis. 3. A couple of his songs. 4. He didn’t leave UK in 1997 when he said he would. This is what Phil was doing when he was 25. Enough said.

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A Brick of the Phil

I think you can guess where this post is leading to… They shot a quick video for the title track “A Trick of the Tail back in 1976. “I watch this video and I cringe,” says Rutherford. “It’s just embarrassing.” The mini Fisherman! They’ve got no horns and they’ve got no tail They don’t even know of our existence. Am I wrong to believe in a city of gold That lies in the deep distance, he cried

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