Who Has Sampled Genesis?

Tracks that have sampled Genesis songs Here is a small list of tracks from various genres (Hip-hop, dance, trance, techno) that have sampled Genesis songs. There seems to be quite a lot of Hip-Hop artists sampling Genesis. However, this should not come as a surprise as the world of hip-hop has been taken with Phil Collins for years. I enjoy the idea of artists sampling Genesis songs into other genres. To me it’s progressive. It’s similar to the original wave…

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5 Genesis Christmassy / Wintry Songs

To be honest there aren’t any Genesis Christmas songs; which is probably a good thing 🙂 However there are few that have a wintry feel, and some mentioning ‘Christmas’ in the lyrics. 1. Snowbound This may seem Christmassy at first but it does turn pretty dark. 2. Blood On The Rooftops “We always watch the Queen on Christmas Day” 3. A Winter’s Tale 4. Undertow 5. Jesus He Knows Me Really pushing the reference 🙂 Just For Fun Thotch –…

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