South Park

Peter Gabriel Visits South Park

Stan = Rael Cartman = Watcher of the Skies Kenny = Who killed Magog Kyle = Fox-head Peter Gabriel appears (singing) twice in the American adult animated sitcom South Park. 2003 Season 7 Episode 14 “Raisins” Stan tries to take control of a romantic situation by asking Bebe to talk to Wendy for him. She tells him to do the most romantic thing he can think of, and orders him to hold a boom box over his head and play…

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10 Cool things about ‘Shock the Monkey’

1. This song is not literally about shocking someone or a monkey. Peter Gabriel has never elaborated much on the meaning of “Shock The Monkey,” other than to say in a 1993 interview, “This song is about jealousy and a sort of animal nature.” However, another Gabriel song, “We Do What We’re Told,” was inspired by the infamous 1961 Milgram experiments in which subjects believed they were administering shocks to other test subjects and continued to administer higher and higher…

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