Supper’s Ready

5 Cool things about Genesis Foxtrot

Here are 5 cool things about the Foxtrot album by Genesis 1. Supper’s Ready (10 Reasons why this is the best song ever) 2. Watcher of the Skies 3. The “excited” 4th horse on the album artwork (More about the artwork here) 4. The start of the costumes begin after the release of Foxtrot. During the middle of “Musical Box”, Peter surprised a London crowd by coming out wearing a red dress and a fox head. 5. The “Foxtrot” album takes its…

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12 Reasons why Genesis love Botany

“Royal Gardens at Kew”   Flora in most of the lyrics are used as poetic devices. Lots of trees, grass, weeds and leaves to describe different feelings within the songs. The only literal lyric that is really about plants is “The Return of the Giant Hogweed”. Genesis Lyrics containing passages about Flora 1. The Return of the Giant Hogweed 2. Supper’s Ready   3. Heathaze 4. Looking For Someone 5. Visions Of Angels 6. The Battle Of Epping Forest 7. Scenes from…

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10 Reasons Why Supper’s Ready is the Greatest Song Ever!

  1. It’s 23 minutes long It fits on one side of an LP record and runs for 22.54 minutes. This is story telling at it’s best, with enough space to include a love song and an adventure into strange new worlds. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a seven course meal, rather than a quick burger. The atmosphere of the song is electric. The best 23 minutes you’ll ever spend. Supper’s Ready Illustrated by Nathaniel Barlam 2. It’s a…

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