Tony Banks

Awesome Lego Keyboard Synthesizers

Here we have created some classic and iconic keyboards and synthesizers. The Minimoog The Minimoog is an analog synthesizer first manufactured by Moog Music between 1970 and 1981. Kraftwerk started an electronic music revolution with their fourth album Autobahn using the Minimoog. The bassline on Michael Jackson’s world-beating ‘Thriller’ was made from two modified Minimoogs playing in unison. Keith Emerson played one on Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s acclaimed Tarkus. Rick Wakeman of Yes also has a few! Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer…

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Genesis: Tony Banks’ Vintage Live Keyboard Instruments

While researching these lego builds, for the classic Tony Banks keyboard setup, I came across some very interesting youtube videos. The videos feature Dave Kerzner, Tom Lord-Alge, LileighWhiteLilith and the amazing Musical Box. The Classic mid-70’s Keyboard Instruments The first synthesizer used by Banks was the monophonic ARP Pro Soloist, which he first acquired in 1973 along with a Hammond T-102 and a Mellotron M400 for the Selling England by the Pound album. In 1974 he also started to use the RMI…

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Genesis Live 1973 Recreated in Lego

Iconic Peter Gabriel era Genesis recreated in Lego Mini-figures and instruments An Executive Desk Toy     Set Includes: Phil Collins (Drums, drumsticks and microphone) Tony Banks (Keyboards) Mike Rutherford (Double neck Guitar) Steve Hackett (Guitar) Acoustic Guitar Bass Drum and microphone Email us if you would be interested in purchasing this set.

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