Alessandro (Italy)

The wonderful Alessandro has been able to introduce the alter(L)egos to the following people:

Robert Mead (UK)

We appreciate this wonderful message from Robert (The boy from the cover of Mispaced Childhood):
"Thank you very much for the mini me figure. Nina and my family and friends think it is both marvelous and hilarious. I can retire happy knowing I have been immortalised in Lego. I only wish I still had all that hair."
-Robert Mead (August 2018)

Brian O'Sullivan (USA)

Brian O'Sullivan has his mascots for the TRO Performs The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway show at Wilmington, USA. 18 May 2019.

Hans Jörg (Germany)

Hans Jörg, the drummer of King of Agogik, has modified and expanded the Genesis live 1976 stage to create a stunning 1977 live diorama.

Check out some amazing customer customisations and enhancements here!

Total Reviews: 33
I LOVE my Porcupine Tree minifigures. Totally awesome is a much overused phrase but is completely appropriate in this case. I couldn't stop laughing when I got them out of the box - I couldn't believe it would be possible to capture Steven Wilson in yellow plastic! I'm so looking forward to making a stage set for them. Only one teeny tiny suggested improvement - shouldn't Steven have yellow feet?

- H

This set is amazing and captures the magic that is RUSH. I bought this for my youngest who happens to love RUSH and collects Lego’s. He absolutely flipped on Christmas morning when he opened this and couldn’t wait to put it together. HE LOVES IT ! I believe he’ll have this piece in his collection the rest of his days.

Thanks for such a great piece ! And for understanding what true fans are looking for
Bill in Nashville

- Bill

love the 3D art displays. These figures and sets are so good they are calling out to be framed

- Robert

BRICK EMERSON - Really ? How insanely cool is this? Not my first Musical Brick and FAR from my last. Just when you think you have everything that can make you smile....

- Ben

You never too old for Lego. Especially Genesis lego.

- Gary

Received the Brush stage set . Instructions were clear in building the drum set and only took about 10 mins to complete. Excellent wee set-up. Very pleased.

- Jimmy

Thanks so much for the swift delivery (considering it was from Singapore to London in the current climate!), items all received and packed amazingly in their own little character boxes. The quality and attention to detail is stunning and I had fun finishing off the artwork into it’s Ikea frame.

I ordered The Lamb 3D artwork and 1980 Phil with his drum machine and they now have pride of place on the wall and on the piano respectively. I cannot recommend the service and product highly enough, if you’re liking the look and thinking of buying then just go for it. The only problem now is what to order next?!

Amazing! Thanks again!

- Ben

wow a mighty set of lego rush, i'm a big fan off both of them

- Piet

Truly amazing work, each piece has great detail that makes it impossible to not realize who they each are. Perfect gift for a life long yes fan.

- Andrew

This made such an excellent gift! The lego figures are very unique and well crafted! Daniel shipped the figures very quickly and offered an excellent customer service! Thank you!

- Nina

I bought this for a woman I like. It worked! We’re a couple now. Thank you for making it!

- Jimmy

The perfect gift for your impossible-to-buy-for-because-he-has-everything Genesis fan. The detail and precision in these is just fantastic! (The designer is also really quick to respond to any questions you might have.) Thanks again!

- Barbara

Superb Slipperman Lego minifigure in excellent packaging. A perfect gift for a Genesis fan. Thanks Daniel, keep it up!

- Ciciuisss

So amazing! My boyfriend said that this has been the most fun he's ever had with a present! (Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Stage Set) I honestly don't think that my review gives justice to the awesomeness that is Musicalbrick!

- Roy

So creative idea and excellent quality

- Walter

The Lamb stage set is amazing and fun. The mini-figures are so unique, and really capture the spirit of the band. Daniel communicated well and shipped very promptly, getting my order to me in time for a very special Valentine's Day gift. My husband was thrilled. Thanks, Daniel!"

- Kathryn

I found the "H Invisible Man" figure online a day after seeing Marillion live in Florida,. I ordered him immediately! I just now received my purchase...a true treasure, thanks! I'll be back for Gabriel!

- Henry

This is an amazing set! A must have for any Genesis Fan. The mini-figs and the stage set create a cool display. Daniel is so creative and great to work with. I'll definitely be back for more.

- Jeff

A long overdue thank you for getting these to me before the holiday.  My husband was ecstatic when he opened the gift!  The finished result is displayed proudly on the shelf in his office.

- Julie

The Gabriel era Genesis figures are outstanding - highly detailed, accurate, hilarious, and obviously the product of true fandom and love! They really nail both the coolness and quirks of Gabriel Genesis prog rock. The quality is excellent, and the communication, packaging, and shipping are very professional. Keep it up, Daniel!

- Brett

Wanted to let you know that my flower mask figure arrived here today. Just superb, brilliant, thank you! More will undoubtedly be ordered in future.

- Chris

This figurine was awesome! My husband opened up the box and was mesmerized. He loves the original Genesis band and this is a definite item to have as a fan - of the band and Legos. I love that the artist got the split in the hairpiece to match Gabriel's hairstyle. Absolutely planning to purchase other pieces!

- Lien

Absolutely love these. I have bought 1 individual Rael, the lawnmower vignette, and have Rainbow Theater on the way. These are adorable and I will continue to buy!

- Lindsay

item shipped on time and I love it

- Ashley

Fox on the Rocks Vignette"My step-dad is a huge Genesis fan who shared your works with me, so I got this for him as a gift. He absolutely loves it! Thank you so much!

- Alex

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Minifigures featured on Peter Gabriel's website.
Peter is a fan commenting: “I love this!”

Minifigures available on Steve Hackett's webstore.
Comes in a bespoke cardboard box signed by Steve!

Featured on The Book of Genesis Website, UK

Celebrating the early songs of the influential progressive rock band Genesis, The Book of Genesis are the leading UK Genesis Tribute band.

Featured on The Hanli website, Hong Kong

One-stop zen store serving the mindfulness community.


Peter Gabriel... into his secret world
UNCUT (September 2020) UK

"As someone who has spent a lot of time making Lego with all my four kids, though not as much as my wife, it was a treat to see some of the characters I portrayed immortalised into Lego figures."


Lego Mellotron featured on the album cover of Mellotron Phase: Volume 2  by Papernut Cambridge.

Written and produced by Ian Button. (c)(p) 2018 Ravenwood Music Ltd. Available to buy here

Lego Mellotron featured on the album cover of Mellotron Phase: Volume 1  by Papernut Cambridge.

Written and produced by Ian Button. (c)(p) 2017 Ravenwood Music Ltd. Available to buy here


2017 Holiday Gift Idea: Musical Brick Lies Down On Broadway
VintageRock.com (15 Dec 2017) USA

"One of the most interesting holiday rock trinkets to come along this year are Lego mini- figures of early-era Genesis from Musical Brick. They are wholly endorsed by Peter Gabriel, so much so that they sold out on his own web storefront."

Online Publications

Legos Gone Proggy
Progression Magazine (15 Aug 2018)

"Cute, or weird, or … what the heck is going on here?! The folks at musicalbrick.com appear obsessed with making Peter Gabriel into a real square—literally. For fans that might relate a bit too closely with the role Legos played in their formative years, these “must-have” mini-figures are available to indulge bouts of childhood regression that cannot be avoided."

Christmas Chicanery and Mayhem: Bandaid, Genesis Gifts, and Favorite Christmas Albums
Phillin' Up On Genesis (21 Dec 2017)

Joe mentions our '5 Genesis Christmassy / Wintry Songs' blog post on the Phillin' Up On Genesis Podcast.

Genesis (the band, not the biblical book) in LEGO
Bom Bandido (28 Sep 2016) Portugal

"Dan Kerson does amazing reproductions in LEGO of the classic lineup of Genesis from the 70s. (including: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks)"

The Strangest (Unofficial) Lego Sets You Can Actually Buy
America Fun Fact of the Day (24 Aug 2016) USA

"Whoever is responsible for this store has spent more time focusing on Peter Gabriel than anyone outside of himself and, possibly, his wife. What we’re basically saying is, if Peter Gabriel ends up murdered someday, you should probably question the dude making tiny versions of Peter Gabriel for a living first before you go onto other suspects."

Rhubarb and custard Lego Genesis cupcakes
Liverpool Cake Company (18 June 2016) UK

"A set of rhubarb and custard Lego Genesis cupcakes for a massive Genesis fan and tribute band member. Who would have thought you could get such specialised Lego? I wonder if Peter Gabriel knows he and his costumes have been immortalised in such a way."

Peter Gabriel era Genesis LEGO mini-figure site
Amass (14 May 2016) Japan

Bricked: Lego Versions of Classic Keyboards
Keyboard Mag (2 Mar 2016) USA

"We recently saw on Musical Brick a selection of lovingly assembled Lego versions of classic synthesizers that must be shared with the world!"

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