‘With The Beatles’ is based on one of the numerous photos of The Beatles, behind microphones and in front of the worlds press. I’ve added a few props to that scene, the mini With The Beatles album and The Beatles drum skin, being courtesy of Minifigs.me. The microphones are standard Lego, the bass drum was made by shortening a Lego 2x2x2 robot body and the ‘plug’ for the top of the bass drum, was made by removing the top of a Lego Technic pin and mirror polishing the remaining stud.

The look I was aiming for with this build, was of an old black and white photograph. Which is why I chose the various props and base tiles. The Beatles hair was changed to match their uniform hairstyle of the time and Brickforge.com made the black guitar.

These models were created by Alan Green and the figures were designed and made by Minifigs.me.