Perfect Halloween Costumes


Need some original costume ideas this Halloween? Tired of ghosts, vampires and other cliche get-ups? Have no fear, why not try these ideas for totally original outfits that no one else will understand!

Based on a survey these are the top 10 Peter Gabriel era Genesis costumes:

Number 10. The Reverend

A character from the lyrically amazing song “The Battle of Epping Forest”. The Reverend ends up finding a beautiful chest.

Number 9. Old Man

Henry, who is killed by his friend Cynthia,  returns as ghost of an old man. He wants you to touch him quite urgently.

Number 8. Lawnmower

Jacob from the song “I Know What I Like”. He has a particular walk.

Number 7. Rael

New York street punk, Rael.

Number 6. Slipperman

This will make for interesting conversations. Basically a man meets three Lamia creatures, has a bit of sexy time, then eats them. The result is this walking STD!

Number 5. Britannia

Her name: Britannia, her task: to guard the waves between England and France.

Number 4. Magog

The Magog will bring forth the apocalypse. Which is nice!

Number 3. Fox’s Head

A character from the front cover of the Genesis album ‘Foxtrot’. Wear a red dress and a fox’s head.

Number 2. Flower Mask

Narcissus as a flower. Poor Narcissus is punished by the gods for having spurned all his female pursuers.

Number 1. Bat-Wings

Finally, number 1 is the overlord alien from ‘Watcher of the Skies’