Incredible to think that all these costume ideas came from just a 3 year period.

Although these costumes were helping Gabriel to re-tell the stories within the lyrics they also gave him more confidence on stage. Plus they put the band on the front cover of the music newspapers of the day.

Based on a survey these are the top 9 Peter Gabriel era Genesis costumes:

Number 9. The Reverend

A character from the lyrically amazing song “The Battle of Epping Forest”. The Reverend ends up finding a beautiful chest ;p

Number 8. Old Man

From the song ‘The Musical Box’. Henry, who is killed by his friend Cynthia, returns as ghost of an old man. He wants you to touch him quite urgently.

Number 7. Lawnmower

Jacob from the song “I Know What I Like”. He has a particular walk.

Number 6. Slipperman

This will make for interesting conversations. Basically a man meets three Lamia creatures, has a bit of sexy time, then eats them. The result is this walking STD!

Number 5. Britannia

Her name: Britannia, her task: to guard the waves between England and France. This is the beginning of the song ‘Dancing with the Moonlit Knight’.

Number 4. Magog

Towards the end of ‘Supper’s Ready’ we are treated to the section called ‘Apocalypse in 9/8’. This geometrical headdress worn by Gabriel seems to be associated with the mention of Pythagoras. The Magog will bring forth the apocalypse. Which is nice!

Number 3. Fox’s Head

The costumes begin after the release of Foxtrot in 1972. The fox’s head is the first and is inspired by the character from the front cover of the Genesis album ‘Foxtrot’. However it is worn during the end of the song called ‘The Musical Box’.

Number 2. Flower Mask

‘Willow Farm’, in the middle of ‘Supper’s Ready’, tells us of poor Narcissus who is punished by the gods for having spurned all his female pursuers. The flower mask was inspired by a old children’s TV show called ‘Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men’

Number 1. Bat-Wings

Finally, number 1 is the overlord alien from ‘Watcher of the Skies’.