Expand Your Creativity and Freedom

It’s interesting that the Danish have two words for the English verb “play”. Normally translated as either “lege” or “spille”.

1: Rules and regulations. Here we use “spille”: Jeg spiller fodbold (I play football); skal vi spille kort (do you want to play cards)?

2: No rules (or at least not fixed rules), often associated with children, creativity and freedom. Here we use “lege”: “Børnene legede i gården” (the children were playing in the yard); “skal vi lege fangeleg” (do you want to play catch; obviously children’s games like catch have rules, but they are not as fixed as, say, organised sports like football or games like chess. A curious case is The Olympic Games, which are called “De olympiske lege”).

More info here (thanks Jesper Hansen)

I’m all for promoting “Lege”

So lego is not just about playing well. It’s about playing with no rules and regulations to unleash the creativity inside you (but do it well)