Giant Handcrafted Wooden Lego Mini-figures

This has to be the best Christmas gift ever! My father has been working on these for a while and totally surprised me on Christmas morning with this piece of art. The one featured in the video is 5 times the size of the original Lego mini-figure and is 20cm tall.

There are three types of wood in the construction of this model: The body is made out of elm, the head and hands are from Ash, and the legs and arms are Beach. The varying wood tones are used to mimic the colours of the original Lego mini-figure.


Wooden Lego Mini-figure 10 Times the Size of a Plastic one

This model was built after the one above and is 10 times the size of the original Lego mini-figure. It measures 40cm high and is the size of a small child.


My Mum and brother are currently fighting over who should have it.