Tony Banks, the keyboardist for the iconic rock band Genesis, had a diverse and impressive setup for the group's 1980 tour. At the center of his rig was the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, a classic polyphonic synthesizer known for its rich, expressive sound and its ability to create a wide range of classic synth tones.

In addition to the Prophet-5, Tony also made use of the ARP Quadra synthesizer. The Quadra was a versatile instrument that allowed Tony to create a wide range of sounds, including lush pads, fat basses, and complex, modulating leads.

For a more organic touch, Tony also incorporated the Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano into his setup. With its rich, expressive sound and ability to mimic the sound of an acoustic piano, the CP-70 was a key component of Tony's sound on the 1980 tour.

To add even more versatility to his rig, Tony also brought along the Roland VP-330 vocoder synthesizer. This unique instrument was capable of processing the human voice and creating a wide range of vocal effects, adding an extra dimension to the music of Genesis on the 1980 tour.

Rounding out Tony's setup was the Hammond T-102 organ, a vintage instrument known for its warm, creamy sound and ability to create classic organ tones. With all of these powerful instruments at his disposal, Tony Banks was able to create a wide range of sounds and textures that helped define the signature sound of Genesis on the 1980 tour.