‘Goodbyeee’, or ‘Plan F: Goodbyeee’, is the sixth and final episode of ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, the fourth and final series of the British historical sitcom Blackadder. The episode was first broadcast on BBC1 in the United Kingdom on 2nd November 1989, shortly before Armistice Day. Apart from the one-off short film ‘Blackadder: Back & Forth’ made a decade later, it was the very last episode of Blackadder to be produced and transmitted.

Being a big fan of the television sitcom Blackadder, since it was first broadcast in 1983, I was very pleased to discover that Minifigs.me had designed and created two of the main characters from series four, which is set during the First World War. In fact I was so impressed with the Blackadder minifigures that I ordered a second set for my son and after adding the appropriate weapons they were ready to go over the top.

Brickmania.com created Baldrick’s Perfect Caliber SMLE Mk3 Rifle by enhancing the Brickarms.com prototype. Brickarms.com produced the Reloaded Webley Service Revolver for Captain Blackadder and his Swagger Stick is a standard Lego 3L Bar.

This model was created by Alan Green with figures designed and made by Minifigs.me.