The design team over at have created some amazing minifigures and pretty much everything else in Lego that a military enthusiast could wish for. From aeroplanes and helicopters to landing craft and tanks, they’ve got it. Being impressed with their range of Vietnam War USMC minifigures inspired me to recreate Animal Mother and Private Joker, two central characters from the 1987 movie ‘Full Metal Jacket’ which is a personal favourite of mine.

Animal Mother has not been altered, but I have added the Perfect Caliber M60 Machine Gun. This was created by who enhanced the prototype. Recreating Private Joker did require some additional help and therefore designed the bespoke head for Matthew Modine, the actor who played him. produced the Mitchell Pattern ‘Born To Kill’ Helmet, the Reloaded M16 and Reloaded M1911, all of which were added.

This model was created by Alan Green with figures designed and made by