We dive into the electrifying world of dance music and how it has been influenced by one of the most iconic rock bands of all time: Genesis.
For decades, Genesis has been known for their progressive rock and art rock sound, but did you know that their songs have also been remixed and reinterpreted by some talented DJs? That’s right, the epic melodies and intricate instrumentation of Genesis’s tracks are the perfect foundation for dance producers to build on.
We’ve scoured Youtube to bring you some of the most awesome dance mixes of Genesis songs that have been created; From the euphoric build-ups of “Watcher of the Skies” to the upbeat energy of “I Can’t Dance”.
So, whether you’re a long-time fan of Genesis or simply a lover of great dance music, give these is a listen. So, grab your headphones and get ready to experience the electrifying world of dance-infused Genesis remixes.

Watcher of the Skies – Studio One Trance
By Tony S

Adapting the complex time signatures of original Genesis tracks to the 4/4 time signature commonly used in dance music can be a complex process for DJs and producers. Genesis’s songs are known for their intricate and ever-changing time signatures, which can add a unique and challenging dynamic to the remixing process. DJs and producers need to carefully consider how they will adapt the rhythm and tempo of the original track while still keeping the original melody and harmony intact.
One technique that DJs and producers can use is to re-arrange the structure of the original song, by cutting and re-sequencing different parts of the song to create a new structure that is more suitable for the 4/4 time signature. This can involve cutting out certain sections of the song, or even repeating certain parts to create a new rhythm.

Genesis – I Know What I Like (Reggae Remix)
by Captain Tez

Genesis – Broadway Melody of 1974′ (2020 Remix)
by Sean Macreavy

Genesis-Mama (Sounder Remix)
By Piotr Sounder Lewandowicz

Another way DJs and producers can achieve this is by using a technique called time-stretching, which allows them to manipulate the tempo of a track without affecting the pitch of the original recording. This allows them to maintain the original feel of the song while still making it suitable for dancing.

Genesis – Home By The Sea (dj genesis breaks remix)
By DJ Genesis

Genesis – Land Of Confusion (Galaxy Racer Remix)
By Galaxy Racer

In addition, DJs and producers can also use creative techniques such as adding new drums and basslines or incorporating new melodies and harmonies, to create a new interpretation of the original song that is more suitable for the dance floor while still keeping the essence of the original song.

GENESIS – I Cant Dance (Remix)
By Piotr Sounder Lewandowicz

Overall, adapting the complex time signatures of original Genesis tracks to the 4/4 time signature of dance music can be a challenging process, but with the right techniques and a creative approach, DJs and producers can create unique and exciting dance mixes that pay homage to the original songs while still being suitable for dancing.


This is a mashup of The Weekend music and Peter Gabriel vocals. Not a Genesis remix.

Blinding Lights In Your Eyes – (Peter Gabriel / The Weeknd) – Mashup
By CarrotsTheRabbi