Graeme K, a name synonymous with sonic journeys that transcend the dance floor and catapult you into the heart of an electrifying trance odyssey. Hailing from the esteemed platform of, Graeme K is not just a DJ; he’s a musical architect, meticulously crafting soundscapes that blend the gritty intensity of acid trance with the hypnotic pulse of house and techno.
His domain is a sonic labyrinth where pulsating basslines intertwine with soaring melodies, each track a carefully chosen brick in the construction of a euphoric trance. Whether it’s the driving force of techno-trance or the raw power of hard trance, Graeme K navigates the spectrum with the skill of a seasoned explorer, his sets a masterclass in building tension and releasing it in euphoric waves.

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But Graeme K isn’t content with merely curating sonic adventures for others. He’s a creator himself, weaving his own brand of magic into the tapestry of electronic music. His self-produced mixes are testaments to his artistic vision, each one a unique blend of genre-bending beats and infectious energy.
The drum hook from Genesis Mama is used in Amamam below:

Graeme also had a go at reimagining Personal Shopper by Steven Wilson for the competition in 2020.

So, buckle up, fellow travelers, and prepare to lose yourself in the world of Graeme K. This is an invitation to step into aural vortex, where the boundaries between reality and euphoria dissolve, and every beat takes you one step deeper into the heart of the trance. Are you ready to answer the call?