Unitedbricks.com stock a large variety of custom minifigures and it was in their historical section that I found two British Soldiers from the Anglo-Zulu War period. The minifigures really stood out and reminded me of the 1964 movie ‘Zulu’ starring Stanley Baker and Michael Caine. The movie is another of my favourites and these little minifigures certainly deserved to be showcased in some way. Suitably inspired I began to wonder how that could be done.

The scene I planned required three minifigures, but only two versions were available. The British Officer and British Soldier. Therefore I decided to order one Officer, two Soldiers and one injured custom head, with which to create my third minifigure. The casualty would be sitting against the wall, holding a rifle across his legs and have minifig hair instead of a pith helmet.

Brickarms.com produced the Martini-Henry Rifle and Reloaded Webley Revolver. The minifig hair and additional props are all standard Lego pieces.

This model was created by Alan Green with figures designed and made by Unitedbricks.com.