Tracks that have sampled Genesis songs

Here is a small list of tracks from various genres (Hip-hop, dance, trance, techno) that have sampled Genesis songs.

There seems to be quite a lot of Hip-Hop artists sampling Genesis. However, this should not come as a surprise as the world of hip-hop has been taken with Phil Collins for years.

I enjoy the idea of artists sampling Genesis songs into other genres. To me it’s progressive. It’s similar to the original wave of Progressive Rock taking phrases and melodies from classical music and integrating folk and Jazz. You could also argue that the Mellotron was the original sampling machine.

The Knife

DC The MIDI Alien – Man Made Ways feat. Slaine, Trademarc, Vinnie Paz & Sabac Red (2010)

Sample appears at 0:02 (and throughout)

Fountain of Salmacis

Pete Lazonby – Sacred Cycles (original mix 1994)

Supper’s Ready

Supper’s Remix

Supper’s Ready Remix by Graeme K. 2008

Riding the Scree

GENESIS REMIX – The Voice Of Britain

Remix by 310. Released by the Leaf Label on the Prague Rock EP. 1999.

No Reply at All

Classified Anybody Listening (2009)

Sample appears at 0:08 (and throughout)

In Too Deep

Chris Malinchak – Go Thru Me (2017)

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Andy C – Outer Limits (1992)

Sample appears at 02:30

Invisible Touch

Silva Hound Pinkie Pie (2012)

Sample appears at 0:59 (and throughout)

Fading Lights

I Love You… I’ll Kill You – Enigma (1993)

Sample appears at 0:01

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